The official Journal of the Australasian Institute of Policing

Volume 8 No.1 Winter 2016 Edition Aipol Journal

  • Sustainability: a briefing paper
  • Domestic abuse – a continuing problem for police
  • The Russell Street bombing 30 years on
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Previous Editions

Volume 7, No.2 - 2015

  • Starting from Scratch:
    Planning Practices of Police Recruits in Western Australia
    Jane Tudor-Owen, Adrian J. Scott, Pamela J. Henry and Ray Bull
  • Migrants in Police Forces:
    A Sociological Attempt to Get a Broader Picture
    Professor Dr. Jonas Grutzpalk
  • Crime and Tourism:
    The Police Response
    R.I. Mawby

Volume 7, No.1 - 2015

  • Responding to Active Shooter Incidents in Australia
    Gene Hodgins and Anthony Saliba
  • Methamphetamine use among Australian Police Detainees
    Susan Goldsmid and Rick Brown
  • Is anyone remotely interested? The rise of the police drone
    Mike Coliandris and Geoff Coliandris

Volume 6, No. 2 - 2014

  • Decision Making and the National Intelligence Model:
  • No Accounting for Decision Bias – Palmer P, Pournara M, Espinosa Delgardo I and Palmer H
  • Mental Health and Policing in the UK – A Watershed Moment? – Professor Jenny Fleming
  • Policing Youth Curfews: The Wee Willie Winkie Model of Enforcing Bail Conditions – Angela Robinson and Isabelle Bartkowiak-Théron
  • Governing Science – Malcolm K. Sparrow

Volume 6, No. 1 - 2014

  • The State we are in – Thoughts about devolution proposals for Welsh policing – Professor Colin Rogers
  • Online Investigation: Using the Internet for Investigative Policing Practice – Steve Elers
  • Social Media and Police Leadership: Lessons from Boston
  • Gender and Perceptions of Police

Volume 5, No. 2 - 2013

  • Policing Domestic Abuse Effectively: A Blueprint for Success? – Geoff Coliandris and Colin Rogers
  • Reducing the Influence of Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs
  • Postcard from the UK: Police and Crime Commissioners – Professor Jenny Fleming
  • Police Science: Toward a New Paradigm – David Weisburd and Peter Neyroud
  • Developments in Commonwealth Privacy Legislation for Locating Missing Persons – Natalie Clements

Volume 5, No. 1 - 2013

  • How people decide to act on risk: an organisational behaviour perspective of risk assessment and decision making- Greg Linsdell
  • Applied Ethics: a call for a new approach to police diversity training – Phil Palmer
  • Five Years on ANAPAA and Professionalization – Larry Proud
  • Toward a New Professionalism in Policing – Christopher Stone and Jeremy Travis