The Australasian Police Statement of Ethics

This Australasian Police Statement of Ethics aims to express some principles of right and proper conduct and to act as a guide for members of the profession of policing. To this end it augments and reinforces the Statements of Ethics or Codes of conduct espoused by individual Police Services.



In exercising our duty to provide community safety, maintain the peace and uphold the law we will be guided at all times by the principles of justice and fairness.



We act with integrity. We are honest in our dealings with people, and with ourselves.



We respect the worth and dignity of all. We treat all people with empathy and equality.



We can be trusted. We are self disciplined. We do not abuse our powers and we are responsible in exercising them.



We act openly and are accountable for our actions.


This Statement of Ethics was endorsed by the Police Commissioners of Australia and New Zealand along with and Presidents of the Police Federation of Australia and the Police Association of New Zealand at the meeting of the Australasian Police Professional Standards Council on 12 May 2004.